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  • reptile climb sticks chameleon sticks manzanita wood
  • chameleon climb sticks
  • reptile climb sticks chameleon sticks
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Peacemaker Ranch

Natural Reptile Stick Pack (16"-18", Set of 5)

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Our manzanita reptile sticks are the perfect solution for stocking your pets enclosure with 100% natural materials. Tough, durable, and collected sustainably from dead and downed manzanita shrubs, these sticks can be easily incorporated into your critter's enclosure with other hardscape foliage to create a unique and diverse habitat!

NOT WYSIWYG - Please note, pieces in photos are a representation of what you will receive. Actual pieces will vary slightly in shape, thickness, and texture.

 Set of 5

Thickness ~3/8" - 1" 

Length appx 16" - 18"