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wholesale manzanita

We offer wholesale / bulk manzanita driftwood options for aquarium and pet supply retailers across the United States. Our natural wood supplies are eco-friendly, sustainably collected, and pesticide-free - and 100% made and processed here in the USA! 

wholesale aquarium driftwood

We have a range of branch sizes for use with fish, reptiles, birds, and more. This domestic hardwood is a durable, attractive option for aquascapes, paludariums, and terrariums - expand your selection of habitat materials without the hassle of international supply chains. 

Bulk offerings include:

  • 12-18" long aquarium branches
  • 12-18" long reptile climb driftwood
  • straight and/or forked sticks, assorted lengths for bird perches

Competitive pricing and low MOQ - reach out to us for more information! 

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Current wholesale customers can view our selection here

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