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Peacemaker Ranch

Thick Manzanita Stump

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This hefty manzanita driftwood stump stands freely placed on its base or its top and would be a lovely addition to an aquarium or reptile enclosure! The piece has good color contrast, with a large reddish-brown branch / limb base jutting away from the pale trunk. Look through the photos to see the beautifully weathered surface! This would make a great natural climb in a terrarium or could be used as a thick arch in a mid to large-size aquascape! A fun, sturdy piece that has been washed, sanded, and never treated with pesticides.

- Approximately 15" x 9" x 12" (measured positioned on its base)
- Base is roughly 8" x 6.25" across
- Weighs 11 lb 6.1 oz dry

SKU: "Manz610"