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Peacemaker Ranch

Manzanita Driftwood Branches (Set of 3)

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This set of three manzanita driftwood sticks has beautiful contrast between pale, smooth wood and darker, weathered wood. Perfect for home decor or use in aquariums and terrariums! These sticks are sturdy enough to function as reptile climbing branches, and have great grippy texture. These branches will add a great look to any tank or project! Washed, sanded, and never treated with pesticides.

This listing is for the exact pieces pictured - what you see is what you get! Three pieces included.

- Pieces measure roughly 21", 20.5", and 19.5" in length
- Roughly 1.5" - 2.75" thick
- Combined weight is 6 lb 7 oz dry

SKU: "Manz511"