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Peacemaker Ranch

Manzanita Driftwood Branch 26"

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This beautifully weathered manzanita "mountain driftwood" branch has a great shape and lovely texture - perfect for use as an aquascape feature, vivarium climb, natural wood wall art, or tabletop beach house decor! Deep fissures twist along its three sturdy prongs, following the gently curving shape of the branch. This would be a good addition to an aquarium or reptile terrarium, and could be used for driftwood decor in the home. Its flat profile makes it suitable for use in narrow tanks, or for decorative placement on the mantel or wall. Note that this piece stands freely on end and on its side, but should be supported for stable long-term display.

- Approximately 26" x 6" x 3.5"
- Primary branch base is roughly 3" in diameter
- Weighs 3 lb 9.7 oz dry

SKU: "Manz375"