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Peacemaker Ranch

Large (34.75") Figured Manzanita Branch

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This large (34.75" x 24.5" x 15.75"), beautiful manzanita branch will make an excellent centerpiece to an aquarium, vivarium, terrarium, or the home. It features an elegant tiger-striped figuring, and gnarled, low luster pale brown texture that wraps the heartwood along its length. This piece has been sanded throughout with all sharp ends rounded over. Examples of manzanita that share the size, texturing, and overall beauty as this piece are extremely rare.

- Approximately 34.75" x 24.5" x 15.75"
- Primary branch base is roughly 4" x 3.125"
- Weighs 14 lb 10 oz dry

SKU: "Manz389"