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Peacemaker Ranch

Small Aquarium Driftwood Arch / 3D Printed 8" Nano Aquarium Decor

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This 3D printed manzanita arch has the perfect shape for a nano tank! Smooth throughout with a generous opening in the middle, this piece firmly stands in place and looks great tucked in corner or as a centerpiece! This piece is sand-filled and will sink in an aquarium or terrarium.

Dimensions :
8.25" long x 2.25" deep x 4.5" tall
Weighs 12 oz

Materials :
Aquarium safe / Inert Sand

Color : Teal Blue Sparkle. (mica, non-metallic)

Pictured in a UNS 3T - Tank Dimensions are 12.2" x 7.48" x 9.44"

All 3D Print designs are our own!