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Peacemaker Ranch

Aquarium Stump Hide / Teal Blue / 5" 3D Printed Nano Aquarium Decor

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This detailed 3D printed manzanita stump is inspired by an actual piece of driftwood we pulled from around our property in Northern California. Perfect for a nano aquarium or terrarium!

When placed upright, the piece has three openings - front, left side, and top - allowing for tank inhabitants to explore! Since this piece is weighted with sand (weighing 1 lb, 12 oz!), it will sink in the tank and can easily be placed in any orientation. We widened the inside to make it roomier and smoothed the inside walls in case its used as a hide. Made with aquarium safe materials!

Dimensions :
5" tall x 4.25" deep x 5" wide

Front Opening : 1.25"-1.5" wide x 1.75" tall

Interior Dimensions : 3" x 2.25"

Weight : 1 lb 12 oz

Materials :
Aquarium safe / Inert Sand
Color : Teal Blue Sparkle (mica, non-metallic)


All 3D Print designs are our own!