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Peacemaker Ranch

6" 3d Printed Aquarium Driftwood

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We gave this 3D printed manzanita tripod a low-poly look and were surprised at how cool it looks! This piece is sand-filled and will sink in an aquarium or terrarium. Please note there are two small chisel shaped prongs that may need to be rounded with some sandpaper if your tank has delicate finned fish.

Dimensions :
6.25" tall x 6" wide x 4.5" deep

Materials :
Aquarium safe / Inert Sand

Color : Galaxy Black. Matte finish with silver sparkle (mica, non-metallic)

Pictured in a UNS 3T - Tank Dimensions are 12.2" x 7.48" x 9.44"

All 3D Print designs are our own!