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Peacemaker Ranch

25" Long Gnarled Manzanita Log

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This gorgeous manzanita branch has intricate wood growth patterns that give it a lattice-like surface texture, with pale wood flowing over and around darker, more weathered wood. A blunt-cut prong nub reaches out from an intricate growth knot. A short fork at the end allow this piece to stand as a low arch - perfect for use on mantels and shelves! This would be a great piece for use in a reptile enclosure or aquarium, and is well suited for use as natural home decor! An outstanding example of detailed surface "figuring." Washed, sanded, and never treated with pesticides.

This listing is for the exact piece pictured - what you see is what you get!

SKU: "Manz1081"
- Approximately 25.5" long x 4" wide x 5.5" tall
- Branch base is roughly 3" x 2.5" thick
- Weighs 4 lb 11.4 oz dry