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Peacemaker Ranch

25" Curved Manzanita Driftwood

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This beautiful curved manzanita driftwood piece would be perfect for use in an aquarium or terrarium! A smooth strip of pale wood flows along the bottom of the branch, providing great color contrast with the darker, weathered top. The piece does NOT stand freely, but can easily be supported with other hardscape elements to stand as an arch or function as a wide ramp! Fissures along the branch top would be perfect for anchoring aquatic plants in an aquascape. Turn the arch on its side to create a broad, smooth reptile climb! This piece has been carefully washed and sanded. Pesticide-free.

This listing is for the exact piece pictured - what you see is what you get!

- Approximately 25.5" x 7." x 11"
- Roughly 4" x 2" across at the thicker end
- Weighs 5 b 5.3 oz dry

SKU: "Manz793"