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Peacemaker Ranch

24" Manzanita Branches (Set of 2)

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This pair of lovely manzanita driftwood branches is perfect for use in mid-sized or large aquariums! Both pieces have gently-curving prongs of varied thickness and are a pale buff color. Fissures snake along the prongs, indicating internal dryness. Great for natural-looking aquascapes! These pieces have been washed and lightly sanded. Pesticide-free.

This listing is for the exact pieces pictured - what you see is what you get! Both pieces included.

Pieces measure roughly
Piece 1: 24" x 9" x 12.5", weighs 8 oz dry
Piece 2: 24" x 9.25" x 9.5", weighs 7.3 oz dry

SKU: "Manz893"