Our Hardwood Bases

Our Hardwood Bases

Each of our beautiful hardwood bases is thoughtfully crafted to provide the perfect complement to our handmade wire sculptures - here's a deeper look into the hardwoods we use and our artistic process. 

Our sculpture bases are an integral part of each artwork, and as such we take great care in selecting the best wood for each sculpture. We love working with Oregon-based Cook Woods to obtain high-quality domestic and exotic hardwood lumber, and are perpetually astonished by their ethically-sourced, eco-conscious supply of stunning specialty woods. We individually select each small piece of lumber for its color and figure, subtly shaping and finishing it to highlight its natural beauty. Bases are then paired with their sculptures. The rich, robust character of the wood bases compliments our minimalist wire sculptures, grounding the airy, energetic equine figures and creating artworks that are both balanced and elegant, sophisticated and playful.

We use a variety of different species of wood - here are a few of our favorites:

  • Italian Olive - Native to the Mediterranean, Oleo europaea is a beautiful golden wood with a pleasant scent. Given that olive trees are primarily used to produce olives and oil, rather than lumber, olive wood is not particularly common. We were enchanted by the appearance of a live-edge board and love how these bases turned out.
  • Monterillo Rosewood - aka Jacaranda Pardo, Machaerium villosum is a dense South American wood with lovely striping. Due to its varied figure, a single board was used to make a number of stands with remarkably divergent patterning.
  • Patagonian Rosewood - aka Cebil aka Curupay, Anadenanthera colubrina is not a true rosewood but is a very dense reddish-brown wood. Often used for flooring, its durability and rich hue makes it suitable for a range of uses.
  • Kingwood - a true rosewood, Dalbergia cearensis was historically used to craft furniture for royalty. Highly priced and hard to come by, kingwood is quite dense and has what we consider a porcelain-like feel when finished. 
  • Wenge - Millettia laurentii is a rugged, chocolate-toned wood from central Africa. Known for being challenging to work with, wenge has a very unique appearance. 
  • English Walnut - a remarkable domestic hardwood, Juglans regia has a history of use in fine furniture-making. We were quite enchanted by the figure of several boards salvaged from an orchard in California!

Some boards are artworks unto themselves, and we take care to choose small pieces of lumber whose beauty will be displayed, not lessened, by their function as bases. We remain on the lookout for intriguing hardwood pieces, and look forward to sharing our forthcoming creations!


kingwood sculpture base